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REVIEW: Dezabel - Somebody (Unplugged)

Dezabel’s Christmas present to the world is a spirited remake of hit song Somebody. Lending the talents of several musicians to create a jovial track to be enjoyed by all.

Dezabel collaborates with Swiss funk troupe Frische Frische and U.K based singer/songwriter Ben Bottfield to inject previous release Somebody with a major dose of funk and soul. Incorporating the invigorating sounds of swinging brass and a bass line that doesn’t quit, the melody jumps out of the track until it has encapsulated the listeners every fibre. With the addition of rhapsodic vocals the track becomes entirely addictive.

The eloquent lyrics tell a tale of love and lucidity in a relationship. Rather than tell the traditional story of boy meets girl, Somebody expands on the dynamics of the relationship to examine how by finding that significant other it can enable for the best qualities of both parties to become transparent.

Speaking to the meaning of the song Dezabel says, “‘Somebody’ is a love song that touts how an incomplete version of yourself becomes so clear with that special someone”

Dezabel has made this song completely free to download as a Christmas present to everyone. The inspiration for this project came from time he spent working with a charity for disabled people, (Stiftung RGZ) over the last year. He was touched by the way the staff interacted with the patients, and by the way that so much joy could be brought out by helping others. He asks anyone who shares the sentiment to make a donation no matter the size.

Somebody is a song to have on repeat over the holidays to help spread the cheer.

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