• abbie037

REVIEW: Edwin Rosen - mitleerenhänden

Unforgettable and endlessly charming.

Released last month, Edwin Rosen has revealed his debut synth laden EP, mitleerenhänden. Stirring things up and making a name for himself, his latest dance-inducing project is sure to sky rocket his already budding career.

Sharing his thoughts on the release, Edwin stated: "mitleerenhänden, which translates to empty handed is an EP about coming to terms with things not going the way you expected them too, about things ending too quickly and about the last hope that remains when all seems lost. The title track is about feeling like no matter what you do it just feels like it is not good enough, which leaves you feeling alone with nothing left to give."

Taking on a hauntingly beautiful tone, the accompanying visuals utilise a multitude of layered scenes and shots amongst the textured imagery of Edwin himself.

As well as the mesmerising title track, Edwin's latest EP also boasts an additional four infectious dance-driven tracks that will captivate you from the very first listen.

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