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REVIEW: Flowers For You - Never Again

Luke Seely, an American emo pop punk artist has released his new ‘Myspace niche’ inspired track “never again”.

Packed with nostalgia for the alternative music scene of the early 2000s, subtle dreamlike vocals and rock-inspired guitar riffs frame “never again”. Blending together atmospheric and soft-punk beats with subtle pop punk melodies Flowers For You has created an entirely unique and idiosyncratic soundscape within modern rock music.

Luke Seely discusses the track “never again”:

“‘never again’ is about feeling isolated and depressed. It's presentation is raw and doesn't hide it. To me, this song means that I could move past the emotions I poured into the song. I listen and it reminds me of how I felt when I wrote it but inspires me to move past it.”

Having only emerged onto the scene in 2019 Flowers For You has quickly established himself as an exciting artist to watch with the release of his debut EP ‘Get Me Out Of Here!’ earlier this year. “never again” is just another in a long line of experimental and memorable tracks by Flowers For You that serve to cement himself as a rapidly rising emerging artist.

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