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Last week, two piece alternative indie-pop band FOUNDRY13 delivered their latest in a series of releases this year, with their brand new single ‘LEAD CULTURE’. Giving another taste of their eclectic indie-led sound; the pair are further highlighting their artistic skill and talent, with their music being written and self-produced by the London-based brothers Joshua and James.

With a vibrant blend of up-tempo indie-pop beats, ‘LEAD CULTURE’ leans on a retro-pop sound that captivates you with it’s magnetic and dance-based energy. Alongside an expertly crafted soundscape, that glimmers with rhythmic melodies; LEAD CULTURE features a harmonious fusion of bold and skilled vocals, that deliver an anthemic and passionate energy. All about being trapped with one's own emotions, the song is an introspective realization about embracing your insecurities, and life being too short to not be yourself.

“We want to share our music with the world and let people understand what they’re going through doesn’t have to be alone. We want to address topics that people sometimes find uncomfortable – like anxiety or mental illness or depression – and showing them that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. That’s what our music is ultimately about: helping people get through their lives in a safe and better way”.

With the promise of more to come, ‘LEAD CULTURE’ is a perfect example of the exciting and novel sound FOUNDRY13 have to offer; and showcases them as a rising new artist to watch.



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