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REVIEW: GERLE - 'Head in Bottle (Stripped)'

Gerle releases an acoustic version of her 2020 single ‘Head in a Bottle’, but this time with a refined stripped back production.

A window to her soul, ‘Head in a Bottle’ weaves the tale of struggle and “forgiving the love of your life after being let down over and over”. The original track was co-written with Grammy award winning producer, Tone-Def.

Her captivating vocal melody, paired with her emotional tone establishes her message of the depth of being a woman. The beautiful acoustic guitar version of the song is a beautiful companion to the original powerful track.

Gerle wants to build a community of like minded friends to lift each other up and not tear each other down. Genuine, Empowering, Respect, Love & Enlightenment.

“It’s a potion for every gerle-friend”

Listen here.



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