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REVIEW: Jaymie Deville - 'Nowhere Fast'

Having already released a brand new EP 'True Love', as well as the new singles 'Rendezvous' and 'For The Money' earlier this year, Australia-born but Dubai-based singer and songwriter Jaymie Deville has already proven himself as an extremely prolific character. But despite all that material coming out in just a few months, he has not slowed down one bit and now returns with his new offering 'Nowhere Fast'.

Channeling the likes of Jamie Woon, The Weeknd, and Frank Ocean, 'Nowhere Fast' feels like it could have been lifted straight out of the Drive soundtrack. Taking that bold and pulsing 80s electronic rhythm and combining it with a fresh and diverse RnB aesthetic gives this return an extremely strong direction. Layered up with Jaymie's smooth and captivating vocals, his new cut certainly shows that he is far from short of new ideas right now.



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