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REVIEW: L'Duo - 'Superwoman'

Kazakhstan’s L’Duo are a force to be reckoned with on their latest track ‘Superwoman’.

With an unforgettable hook and compelling chorus, the track carries a motivational message throughout the narrative, and one that deserves to be brought to light. Emphasising that there is a ‘superwoman’ within us all, they reiterate the importance of realising that even small victories are monumental, and that women deserve to be celebrated for everything they do. Their stunning vocals soar above the steady beat, and create a rhythm so catchy that you can’t help but press replay.

After they moved to Russia to continue their musical careers, the band, made up of Laura and Lucy, discovered fellow songwriters and producers who helped them to establish their distinct sound. Their previous singles, such as ‘California’ and ‘Out Of Time’, are concrete examples of their refined artistry and have both gained significant recognition since their release. As well as writing and recording, L’Duo founded the organisation Super Woman Stories, which aims to tell the stories of women across the globe that go untold.

Having performed together since they were teenagers, L’Duo are ready to take the spotlight, and ‘Superwoman’ is set to take them there.

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