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REVIEW - Mélon Le Cartel : 'Beijing'

Consisting of 10 artists from 8 countries, Mélon Le Cartel are an exciting musical collective founded by London-based producer Kuma Overdose.

Walking the line between many musical influences, their new single “Beijing” boasts an infectious bass line throughout, a sure fire ear worm to all that listen to it. With shining synths as the focal point, the accompanying music video is as full of life as the memorable lyrical content.

Fresh off their debut LP, Kuma Overdose overs a little insight into Under Construction:

“This album has 4 different languages on it, and a dozen genre elements within the songs - hip-hop, funk, disco, pop, Afrobeat… the list can go on. I want to make something not only new and unique but collaborative. Think of this project as a sonic melting pot, but with the latest ‘cooking’ technology. The finished dish tastes new but at the same time somewhat nostalgic.”

With the aim of staying motivated and creative during isolation earlier this year, Mélon Le Cartel defied all physical boundaries by teaming up and creating a stream of thrilling singles. Based in major cities including London, New York, LA, and Tokyo Mélon Le Cartel have perfected the ability to create an incredibly engaging genre bending soundscape that has the longevity to last well after this pandemic is through.

Tune in.

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