REVIEW: Maddi Jane -'FaceTiming Mom'

Maddi Jane’s fresh new pop bop is giving us chills as she shares her experience of moving away from family and friends to pursue her dreams, a very familiar and relatable story for many youngsters.

The US-based singer-songwriter starts with an emotional introduction - a simple, warm piano progression as Maddi’s beautiful, soulful vocal melody leaves us engrossed from the first second.

The introduction of syncopated electronic beats and edgy, angular productions build the track into a multilayered masterpiece with a whole new powerful energy. Having known Maddi as a child singer over 10 years ago, it’s incredible to watch how she has grown and matured as an artist.

Overall, the song leaves you feeling a sense of empowerment. We can imagine this will be a track supporting teens through tough times, acting as a reminder that there is light at the end of every tunnel if you just 'go get it'.