• stevie2242

Review: Matilda Eyre - 'Let Me Be'

Returning with her second release of the year, rising singer-songwriter and producer, Matilda Eyre, delivers her latest single ‘Let Me Be’. With a raw and emotive indie-pop melody, her newest offering is the next step in her artistic journey. With 2020 arising as a catalyst for her creative expression; Matilda has used this period of isolation, and a lack of external influences and distraction, as a time of introspection, self-discovery and unencumbered creativity. As a result, this year has seen her create a volume of authentic, personal and exciting new music.

“‘Let Me Be’ is a song about the excruciating wish to be your authentic self, to be loved the way you are, to be seen for your true self. 'Let me be all the things washed away.' The song is reflecting on all the ways we change ourselves to fit in and to be accepted. Remembering your strength, your essence and returning home to that. It is a call to step into your truth and authenticity when people or situations ask you to abandon yourself.”

With a gentle guitar instrumental introducing the track; the captivating, and slightly sombre melody, instantly draws you into the songs immersive sonic world. Delivering a stunningly beautiful, yet softly sinister composition; the vibrant instrumentation and expertly crafted production is filled with emotion and passion. As the song progresses, a mass of gentle electro-pop beats, subtle synths and rhythmic percussion weave their way acriss the soundscape; the perfect backdrop to Matilda’s skilled and enchanting vocals.

Delivering mesmerizing melodies and candid lyricism, Matilda showcases her unique and authentic artistry and provides a taste of what’s to come, as she prepares for the release of her upcoming debut EP - ‘Suleika’.