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Review: NATHALIE 'Ten For The Tenth Time'

London based singer-songwriter NATHALIE has released her debut single 'Ten For The Tenth Time' .

Fresh to the scene, NATHALIE has dropped a debut pop-infused single 'Ten For The Tenth Time' that is set for mainstream success. Touching on delicate topics such as love and past relationships, NATHALIE combines the longing lyrical content with pulsing bass and drums.

Inspired by artists such as Lady Gaga, Blackpink, and Halsey, her producers NUEL and Ricky Damian have incorporated vibrant synths and a powerful bassline that give ‘Ten For The Tenth Time’ a very chart-friendly feel. This melancholic dancefloor hit is just the first in a long line of releases she has been working on during 2020.

“(Ten For The Tenth Time is) about being in a limbo between wanting and not wanting someone who is no longer part of your life. Someone you've fallen for repeatedly but were repeatedly reminded that it couldn't work.”

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