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REVIEW: Nxtime - 'The Death Of Television'

Another injection of killer pop has been administered by NYC duo NXTIME in the form of new track "The Death Of Television".

Comprised of galvanising guitars and melodies reminiscent of the golden era of disco "The Death Of Television" is a modern day anthem. Speaking to the title of the song and its meaning, Ray explains - “The Death of Television’ which in my mind actually means the ‘rebirth of television’ - it hasn’t died it’s just been regenerated”.

Ray expands on this to say “And that’s the same way I feel about myself and the relationships I involve myself in. Change is always going to creep up on us - we all want to be better at something. And that kind of change could be some force that you had no idea was coming, like the love of your life or several loves of your life”.

The duo consists of Guitarist Nate Thompson and producer/singer-songwriter Ray Rubio. Both are New York natives who discovered their creative chemistry when they met through the city’s rock climbing community. The project was born in a bedroom studio and is now on a sky high path to the major stages.

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