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  • Ellie McGuire

Review: Omesi Abulu ‘Let Me Go’

"‘Let Me Go’ is a celebration of a new start."

Omesi Abulu is taking the alternative R&B world by storm. With his last song ‘Monami’ going viral, Omesi Abulu is ready for what seems to be the biggest year of his career. His recent song ‘Let Me Go’ demonstrates his developing sound and stronger bond with his listeners.

The song adds a lively touch to his discography by fusing modern flare with lively production. It gives listeners a glimpse into an intriguing world of soundscapes and demonstrates his ability to elegantly and effortlessly meld many genres together.

Omesi Abulu showcases that he can write epic melodies that captivate listeners with his distinct voice and compelling lyrical delivery. His ability to blend many genres and his deep musicianship make 'Let Me Go' an engrossing listen that gives the alternative R&B genre much more depth.

Omsei Abulu’s new single ‘Let Me Go’ is a testament to his extraordinary music discography.

Be sure to check out, ‘Let Me Go’:



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