• bryony229

REVIEW: Panteon - 'Seven'

Under the moniker Panteon, multi-talented Berlin-based artist Yvonne Ambrée writes, records and produces all of her music - delivering a captivatingly candid and personal sonic experience.

Presenting a vibrant style of artistry that infuses elements of dream-pop, indie and alternative genres, Panteon first drew attention to her idiosyncratic artistic style with her 2018 debut EP Travel Log I. Now, Panteon has returned with her brand new single "Seven".

With a nostalgic and atmospheric vibe, the delicate instrumentation drives the narrative forward, drawing listeners further into her unique artistic universe. With expertly crafted production and twinkling rhythmic harmonies, the enchanting instrumental is another example of Panteon’s vibrant and skilled musical talents.

Talking about the deeper meaning behind the track, Panteon explains “Seven’ is about all the things and situations you leave behind as well as all the things you reintroduce into your life after a drastic change has taken place.It plays with the concept of letting go of certain routines and developing new ones to rediscover that it is possible to move on with a new path - possibly even a better one. I had all of these contrasting situations out of the past months in my head and thought of how life is elevating and tragic at the same time”.

Panteon is embarking on the next step in her artistic journey, with the forthcoming release of her album Open Fire - set for release April 2021. Check out the new single below.