REVIEW: Patrik Jean - 'Consequence'

Patrik Jean, a Stockholm-based singer songwriter, has released his long awaited new EP ‘Consequence’ after the release of his highly-praised single “24” earlier this year.

Led by title-track “Consequence”, the EP boasts five tracks each as exciting and dynamic as the last. ‘Consequence’ features a lighter and brighter aesthetic than he has created so far within his career. Thanks in part to his producer, Herman Gardarfve, Patrik Jean has infused each and every track on ‘Consequence’ with strikingly powerful vocals and sweeping melodies.

Patrik Jean expands on his thoughts behind ‘Consequence’:

"Sometimes after a bad break-up, you kind of give up on love. This song describes that feeling, and I've felt it a few times too many. But somehow you always come back to the day when you're ready again. That's the good consequence of love.”

Having worked as a songwriter for the last six years for artist’s such as James Arthur, Felix Jaehn, and TV shows like Idol, Patrik Jean has spent his recent years focusing on writing for himself, working to establish himself as a serious contender within his own right. Since his debut in 2018 he has released a countless stream of highly personal and incredibly captivating tracks, amassing half a million monthly listeners on Spotify along the way.

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