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REVIEW: Pyrotrux - "Forgiveness"

Making his emergence onto the music scene, up-and-coming artist Pyrotrux has just released his debut single “Forgiveness”. Aiming to pioneer a new genre of music and initiate a new openness to the creative process, Pyrotrux introduces us to his vibrant synth based sound.

Opening the track is a glimmering melody, featuring a rhythmic percussive beat which immerses the listener into the gentle and minimalistic soundscape. Alongside the enchanting electro-synth instrumental is a soft hip-hop energy that adds a new dimension to the musical composition. Alongside the captivating instrumental are PyroTrux’s rich and skilled vocals, gliding effortlessly along the sonic landscape.

When talking about the song, PyroTrux explains “Forgiveness is the truth, but it’s annoying. You have to dig deep and forgive everyone that ever hurt you, and yourself. It’s really hard to be a better person, and even harder if you were only doing it to impress a girl. Maybe don’t put that last part in there”.

Delivering his initial offering to the world, Pyrotrux is showcasing his unique sound and artistry - placing his stamp on the music scene and highlighting himself as an exciting emerging talent.

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