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Already hailed as the Best Pacific Female Artist back in 2019, RAZÉ is back with her latest release, 'Do Me One'. Hailing from the infamous Williams Family, RAZÉ is setting out to put her own stamp on the R&B and Soul scene in the Pacific and the world over.

Her stylish beats and flawless vocals combined result in a devilishly dynamic track that so carefully walks the line between traditional Hip-Hop and modern R&B. In addition to dropping one of the most captivating tracks of the moment, RAZÉ has also put out the electric and endlessly alluring accompanying music video for 'Do Me One'.

“With the song “Do Me One” the inspiration came from an experience anyone can have by meeting somebody at a bar or anywhere, eventually building up a desire to talk to them and leading it to maybe a One Night Stand or even one kiss. My aim was to keep my Hip-Hop routes with that Old-School feel and with those RnB vocals to give that sultry yet intimate feel.”

The release of 'Do Me One' is just the latest example of the extraordinary talents of this phenomenal up-and-coming artist. With this track already catching the attention of many the world over it is clear to see, and hear, that RAZÉ has a very long career ahead of her.

You can follow RAZÉ on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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