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Review: Rebelyay - 'Danger On My Mind'

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Sophisticated glitchy goodness is the only way to describe Rebelyay’s latest track 'Danger On My Mind’.

With an enlightened sound palette, the New York-based producer’s psychedelic influence is clear through the hazy, thick and atmospheric synths inducing a sense of confusion, a parallel state of mind, occasionally intertwined with earthly sounds (eg running water) to indicate a tenuous connection with reality.

Unique vocal and electronic techniques playing intricate rhythms and fluctuating, evolving, though nuanced sound levels captivate the listener from beginning to end. With evident influencers from Sophie and Flume, rebelyay is clearly paving the way in an entirely new sound.

Lyrically, the track takes you on an introspective journey of addiction with evocative emotional expressions. rebelyay explains the track further, “The title “Danger On My Mind” represents my thoughts during trips and how I’ve faced past traumas that came up a lot during trips that I’ve had. But through that I’ve had some “divine intervention” and a lot has changed from those experiences.”

‘Danger On My Mind’ is the latest taster to rebelyay’s forthcoming debut album, an LP that promises a satisfying range of dance-floor drops alongside tracks with more experimental structure.

Check out ‘Danger On My Mind’ here:


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