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REVIEW: Rediisin - There's Somewhere Else

Groovy, rebellious and infectious.

Fearless alt-rock newcomer Rediisin dropped his delightful new single, There's Somewhere Else. Fuelled by reminiscence, this narrative-led listen is packed with rebelious riffs and an unmistakable indie-rock vibe.

Oozing charm from his very pores, Rediisin shared, “the song is about the feeling of not fitting in when in public. Specifically, this one moment where I was dancing by myself at a club and minding my own business, but told off because of the way I dance. It sparked There's Somewhere Else because it really let me know that I didn't belong there, but there was somewhere else I know I belong. The song uses "you" a lot referring to the dance floor haha.”

And as if the track isn't wonderful enough in its audio format he has only gone and released the official music video for There's Somewhere Else. Showcasing his personality perfectly, this jovial offering makes this earworm of a track shine even brighter.

Over the weekend we took a deep dive into the the world of Rediisin and caught up about all things There's Somewhere Else...

What made you choose There's Somewhere Else as your next single?

I chose There’s Somewhere Else as the next single because its a good opposition to the next releases. I started to get very experimental so I wanted to push this song as my last tamed single.

What three words would you use to describe your sound?

Tense, playful, and rhythm-driven.

What do you want people to take away from your music?

Music shouldn’t be so serious all the time, you can take a serious time/moment in your life and have fun with it. Its how people can reflect on hardships and come to terms with it.

What can we expect next from you?

You can expect some more singles coming out very soon and you can expect a change of pace after that. I’m definitely trying to play to my strengths, I know I don’t have a beautiful voice but it can be beautiful based on the vibe of the song. More edge, more punk.

And lastly, was making the music video as fun as it looks?

It was so fun up until we got stormed on and had to wait it out haha. When we were shooting though, I let loose and channelled the vibe of the alt club. So yes, it was fun as heck.

Check out There's Somewhere Else here...

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