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Taking its listener down the road less traveled in a cacophony of warped synth melodies and rumbling bass lines, “U WANT SOMETHING” appeals to the most peculiar and intriguing corners of the human mind.

Within the track’s layered production lies a labyrinth of sound, with each sonic route sparking a journey into the pensive state of it’s producer. SEPHA’s voice takes on a melancholic tone as it drips through the jagged gaps in his beautifully chaotic instrumentation, drawing you deeper into his personal expression of self-empowerment.

'U WANT SOMETHING' is both a light-hearted song and an empowering one on an album which is mostly inspired by quite melancholy ideas”, SEPHA explains.

“Personally, the song was enjoyable to make as each part of the rhythm compliments each other in fairly unusual offbeats. As an artist, I enjoy expressing a variety of emotions and so this song represents my fun side, which contrasts with the lyrical content of power and it’s forms of abuse.”

"U WANT SOMETHING" is out now. Keep an eye out for his new project Alien and Connected.

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