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Review: Seraphina Simone - 'Skin / Blue Devil'

Growing up amidst the grandeur of Californian glamour, and the Neon-lit streets of London; emerging artist Seraphina Simone draws inspiration from these two sides of her upbringing, to inspire her vibrant artistry. Making her emergence onto the music scene this year with her debut release ‘Cherry <8’, she has already been placing her mark on the music scene with her unique blend of glimmering synths, thrumming basslines and addictive pop beats. And back with her fourth release; Seraphina closes 2020 with a double single - ‘Skin’ and ‘Blue Devil’

Delivering a mass of vibrant synths and delicate harmonies; ‘Skin’ draws you into a sultry and intoxicating soundscape that’s filled with rhythmic guitar instrumentals driving the track forward, a and dynamic reverb-rich production. As the song progresses, the sonic composition develops to infuse some darker and subtly rock-inspired melodies. Talking about the track, Seraphina explains; “It's about sex and desire. It ties into a book I was reading about a devout woman in Bible Belt America who marries young for duty, and then falls for someone else in her 40s and starts an affair. The whole book was about the contradiction between her emotions and her upbringing. 'Skin' is about that inner conflict.”

Alongside ‘Skin’, ‘Blue Devil’ is its perfect counterpart and other half. Building on the same rhythmic synth-led patterns; ‘Blue Devil’ infuses a slightly more ambient energy, with a minimalist 80s-dipped alt-pop sound. Imbibed with passion and emotion, ‘Blue Devil’ further showcases Seraphina’s rich, melodic vocals and eclectic alt-pop artistry.

Delving into the meaning and inspiration behind ‘Blue Devil’, Seraphina says Blue Devil follows on from O M D. It was written about the same relationship but at a much later stage, after it had broken down and I was all out of forgiveness and patience. It's about how depression can turn someone into a total asshole! How their emotional numbness can feel cruel, and you feel guilty at hating them for it when you know it's not really their fault. I was so frustrated at not being able to call him out on his shit in the way I would with someone who wasn't suffering, and felt like such a bitch for feeling that way.”

Drawing her creative inspiration from synth-led 80s new wave, 60s doo-wop and alt-pop; Seraphina is honing and developing her craft and artistry, creating a unique and unforgettable sound. And with her captivating series of releases this year, she is rapidly placing her mark on the music scene and standing out as a rising talent.

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