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REVIEW: Shopé - 'Rikiki'

Upcoming Afrobeat/Afro-fusion artist Shopé has returned with a brand new music video for his lead single, ‘Rikiki’; taken from his album of the same name - released last month.

Directed by Dukez, the video is a vibrant and colourful Afro-fusion ode to Shopé’s motherland of Africa. As he transitions effortlessly between scenes, we see an infusion of bright backdrops and stunning African artwork and prints; that set the stage for a captivating array of dynamic cinematic shots and expertly crafted choreography. With detailed visual symbology, the video is a perfect reflection of Shopé bringing his African and Western backgrounds and influences together.

Speaking about the video, and the meaning behind ‘Rikiki’; Shopé explains:

“As I continue to dive deeper into synchronizing both sides of my cultural identity, my strength and confidence grow. My heart for Africa grows by the day, without diminishing my love for Canada, a country that embraced my family and has afforded us many opportunities, not the least of which was the 2019 CBC Searchlight win. RIKIKI is my contribution to bridging my western identity with the motherland. It is a project for those in the African diaspora. Although a self-coined term, the song (and eponymously titled EP) is an expression of a fierce, deep-rooted confidence that took me so long to develop. Simply put, ‘Rikiki’ is meant to communicate confidence, courage, boldness...not caring what others are doing/thinking/saying about you. Simply being strong enough to be you.”

Nigerian-born and Toronto-raised, Shopé weaves his personal narrative and stories throughout his music; delivering his reflective and intimate songwriting through eclectic soundscapes, that fuse together elements of Afrobeats and Afro-pop with western Hip-Hop and R&B. Bridging Western & African cultures through his idiosyncratic artistry, his sonic sound is constantly evolving as he sets himself apart as a rising artist to watch.

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