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REVIEW: Simon Collins - Becoming Human

With music firmly implanted in his DNA, Simon Collins was always destined to follow in the family business. As the son of legendary drummer Phil Collins, he may have had big boots to fill, however he is making a profound effort with his latest offering ‘Becoming Human’.

Compiled of hard-hitting percussion and an anthemic rock chorus, the track spans out into a vast textural soundscape, with futuristic elements dotted throughout the melody. A trance-like rhythm reflects the inquisitive lyricism, the questioning of our sense and belonging as a species making for a beguiling listen. The titular track from his third studio album, it explores themes such as addiction and loss, to perfectly produced prog rock and electro-pop that reaffirms his artistry in his own right.

After establishing his career as a rave DJ in Vancouver, the London-born artist quickly progressed to creating his own compositions and embarking on a solo singing career. His sound is never definitive, and his ability to spawn several branches of atmospheric records with deep, quizzical messages is truly unique.

‘Becoming Human’ marks a new era for the artist, and is an otherworldly listen from start to finish.

Listen here:



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