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REVIEW: Sugi Dakks - 'Deeply Rooted' E.P.

LA based singer and songwriter Sugi Dakks showcases his unique and intoxicating sound in his new E.P ‘Deeply Rooted’. Blending together aspects of funk, soul, and hip hop, ‘Deeply Rooted’ is a creative amalgamation of influences resulting in a sound that is unquestionably Sugi Dakks.

The 7-track E.P opens with the hard hitting and emotionally moving ‘Colors’ that boast some of his most profound and important lyrics. Followed by a number of jazz infused tracks ‘Cynicism’, ‘Reputation’, and ‘Victimized’ that features an uplifting big band brand section, breathing a new life into modern hip hop.

Infused with a sense of urgency, ‘Deeply Rooted’ feels like a much needed collection of indefinable soundscapes that while maintaining an upbeat atmosphere within each and every track also tackles some of the most difficult topics of this very difficult year. Completely captivating, and entirely electrifying. 

Sugi Dakks describing the new E.P.:

“‘Deeply Rooted’ is an EP that explores my personal identity, the identity of others, and how we come to shape our identities. When it comes to racism, self-hatred, prejudice, bias, discrimination, and all forms of inequality, all of these are deeply ingrained in our society and deeply ingrained in most everyones personal story. Through this EP, I was able to share my story of how I viewed myself, how it differed from the viewpoints of my peers and the general society, and how bigotry is such a destructive engine that ruins people’s lives, livelihood, and self-worth.”

You can listen to ‘Deeply Rooted’ below!

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