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REVIEW: The Junkie Twins - All Things Future and Past

The Junkie Twins, hailing from Australia but now based in Brooklyn have released yet another upbeat indie-rock inspired track with “All Things Future and Past” from their forthcoming album.

A song of two halves, the beginning of which opens with classic indie-rock guitar riffs and electrifying cymbals. The latter a euphoric and funk-inspired brass section with dreamlike vocals. The Junkie Twins are making their own mark on the classic indie-rock sound.

Expanding on the meaning behind “All Things Future and Past”:

“The song is about letting go of control, an experience I had before writing this song when I realized that trying to control a situation outside of myself was leading nowhere and I could only experience inner freedom when I finally let go of control.”

Bringing in the famed producer Willie Green allowed for The Junkie Twins to incorporate elements of differing genres such as Hip Hop and R&B into their new sound. The end result being ‘All Things Future and Past”, which boasts an exciting and engaging soundscape that is sure to stick in the mind of any listener.

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