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  • Alice Smith

Review: ‘The Life You Save May Be Your Own’ by Larusta & The Dead Dogs

London-based outfit Larusta & The Dead Dogs have made a triumphant return with their new single ‘The Life You Save May Be Your Own’. The band, known for their dark and brooding aesthetic, have once again delivered a captivating release that is rich in texture and atmosphere.

The single showcases the band’s ability to explore fresh and alluring ideas, despite a hiatus from releasing new material. The song is a haunting exploration of loss and madness, reflecting frontman Larusta’s experiences of isolation and depression during the pandemic. The track flows with a delicate ebb and flow between stripped-back verses and robust choruses, creating a sensational listening experience.

The song begins with bold piano notes, setting the stage for Larusta’s expressive voice to weave theatrical melodies and storytelling lyricism. As the arrangement swells with the gentle patter of drums and rich cello tones, the song erupts into a rousing chorus of crashing drums and gritty guitars, delivering an epic burst of anthemic rock energy.

The accompanying music video, directed by Alex Christidis and Larusta himself, adds a cinematic layer to the single. It features the band performing the track in a dated living room, with Larusta delivering an impassioned performance from an armchair, reflecting the intensity of the song.

The band’s journey from their debut single ‘In a Daze’ in 2019 to their upcoming full-length record has been marked by a steady build-up of their reputation for original sonic output. This new single, offering a taste of the upcoming album, further builds the hype for their highly anticipated debut album.

‘The Life You Save May Be Your Own’ is a powerful anthem that combines elements of dark goth, baroque pop, and alternative rock. The plaintive piano melodies, high-pitched strings, and foreboding drums create a yearning emotionality that resonates with listeners. Larusta’s emotional vocals reveal a deep pain and longing, adding a layer of raw authenticity to the track.

In conclusion, ‘The Life You Save May Be Your Own’ is a testament to the power of music as an outlet for strong emotions. It’s a stirring tale of inner struggle and resilience, showcasing the very best of Larusta & The Dead Dogs’ songwriting wrapped up in a truly original sound. This song is not just a sneak peek into their upcoming album, but also a beacon of inspiration for those going through similar hardships. It’s a reminder that the life you save may indeed be your own.



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