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Review: Tizane 'Are You Bad'

With her brand new release, emerging Alt-Pop artist Tizane is back with a haunting, dark-pop energy on her brand new single “Are You Bad”. Accompanied by Halloween inspired visuals, “Are You Bad” sees Tizane depart from her usual ethereal sound, to deliver a gritter performance laced with attitude. 

Emerging onto the music scene in 2018, Tizane is already turning heads with her enchanting vocals and expertly crafted production. With a talent for creating mesmerizing ethereal ballads, the raw emotion and candour of her captivating melodies draw you further into her wonderfully beautiful sonic world. Already garnering over two million streams on Spotify, she is rapidly becoming a rising talent and artist to watch. 

Bringing you into a sultry sonic landscape, the melody begins with a stripped back instrumental, as the rhythmic percussive beat kicks in. Drawing upon atmospheric synths, edgy pop beats and subtle cello notes; the spine-tingling melody brings with it a sense of power and excitement. Speaking about the meaning behind the song, Tizane explains the track as a “‘bad bitch sonnet’…. it’s just saying that you don’t have to be a bloke or indeed, be ruled by one - you’re a woman, and that’s really, really good enough!” 

Accompanied by a horror-noir themed music video, the visuals show Tizane in the midst of a Zombie apocalypse, as she is holed up in a haunted house. Taking inspiration from an array of horror movies; the video plays on the darker mood of the song, and will undoubtedly ramp up your heart rate. 

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