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Rheez releases straight-talking new single ‘Pe$Os’

Rheez’s identity has been defined through his upbringing which consisted of being Maltese-born and UK-raised. However, his first taste of music came from his father at a young age who had him sat him down behind a drum kit at the age of twelve, his musical palate at this point consisted of a healthy mix of Gorillaz, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, which would later go on to be found tinged in his music. Eventually he found hip-hop after discovering a ZEN MP3 player and he’s never looked back.

Rheez’s latest offering ‘Pe$Os’ showcases his unique and signature sound. Drums pierce through the mix, providing an energetic bedrock for the track. Whilst on top, guitars dance upon the mix, creating a swirling pot of melodies. His voice shines through the mix, with melodic and infectious vocal lines in the chorus next to straight-talking bars in the verse, painting a very clear picture of the images he’s trying to create.

Speaking further about the release, he says :”This particular track was a bit of an aggressive venting session, considering the current position I have in my career, I feel like the song expresses my hunger and desire to go further, and a slight showcase on my word play abilities.”

Rheez is very passionate about his Maltese roots, and because of this, he wants to inspire his people by bringing new musical ideas over to them. With infectious tunes and a great message, we can’t wait to see where he’ll take this.


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