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Rich Meehan Trio Make Stunning Debut On Progressive-Jazz Single 'Prelude'

Despite being their first release, Rich Meehan Trio demonstrate a striking completeness to their sound on their debut single 'Prelude'. A rich soundscape of warming, complex piano which leads the shuffling drums and tight bass, the trio capture a sense of class and musical sophistication right from the off. As the track builds, little flecks of electronica enter with swirling distorted synths which adorn the soundscape adding a subtlety the already breathtaking level of artistry on display within 'Preludes' 3.34.

Speaking on the new single, Rich explains: “Prelude sets out the stall for Rich Meehan Trio’s Suite Antique. A moody piano chorale bookends episodes of increasingly disquieting quartal harmony, as Bierman’s soaring synth work blends with the live trio’s stately groove. After an epic climax, it dies down to an electro-drone, ready to move on to the next track, an African polyrhythm-inspired Carillon.

I wanted to return to the music I made as a late teenager. Working with a language that was visceral, vital and unmediated by what others might think. The prelude balances this desire to explore new sounds, without this becoming the only priority of the music.” Having already captured the eye of Jazz FM who have made the track their 'Dinner Jazz Track Of the Month' the trio are now teasing the upcoming EP 'Sweet Antique', which I'm sure is full of many more incredible pieces of work. 'Prelude' is out now, listen below.



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