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Riotous new EP, 'Here Comes The Scum', from The Love Buzz

Irish alt-rock trio The Love Buzz have unveiled their most recent musical masterpiece, 'Here Comes The Scum EP'. Lead by their 2020 single "Harp", this creative collective makes for a transformative listen.

With Kieran Hurley on guitar and vocals, Aidan Lynch on bass, and Henry Love on drums, The Love Buzz are one of the most consistently exciting newcomers in recent years. With not a single dull moment on the entire five track EP, 'Here Comes The Scum' and their brand new single "Sainsburys" are set to take the alt-rock scene by storm:

“It’s a tale of romance, jealousy and violence. The dangerous mentality of young lads is something you can miss in Ireland but it’s ever prevalent in British culture, a fish out of water story with a happy ending.”

Jampacked with an air of youthful angst and an energetic soundscape, The Love Buzz are making their mark on the music industry for sure. With a debut EP that is guaranteed to see you hitting replay time and time again, The Love Buzz are here, and they're here to stay.

You can listen to 'Here Comes The Scum' here...

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