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  • Paul Riley

Rising Rapper ANTICALM Reveals Phenomenal Debut Track “Bobs n’ Bits”

Emerging UK rapper ANTICALM is making his musical debut today with “Bobs n’ Bits”, and what a way to arrive! The track commands attention on first listen with its hard-hitting production by Samuel D as ANTICALM spits his playful lyrics and showcases his flexible cadence. The fact that this is only his first release is mind-boggling as he hits the ground running and sounds like a veteran with years of musical experience behind him. The future looks bright, and he’ll be around for a long time to come if “Bobs n’ Bits” is anything to go by.

Speaking about how the song came about, ANTICALM reveals: “I walked past a discount shop called bits n bobs when I was living in Manny! Walked home, flipped the chorus and recorded the track that day. Everyone talks about doing bits round here, me, I don’t do bits, I do bobs and bits. Simple!”

“Bobs n’ Bits” is out now on all platforms.

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