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Rising star Conal Kelly unleashes alt-pop hit 'Really Don't Like You' into the world

Quite possibly the strongest track from Conal Kelly so far, 'Really Don't Like You' has the power to leave you sticking the track on repeat for the rest of your day. Exceptionally original yet paying ode to the anthems we love in the charts, it'll come as no surprise that the track has already received praise from the likes of BBC Introducing, NOTION, Gig Goer & CLOUT. Released June 18th, 'Really Don't Like You' features lively instrumentation, a bouncy light-hearted arrangement and addictive vocals to convey its story. Produced entirely by the songwriter, Conal is best described as multi-talented and the perfect music role model.

Sharing his thoughts on the exquisite new single ‘Really Don’t Like You’, Conal explains, “To put it simply, this is a song about disliking someone for no apparent reason. I feel it's quite a relatable subject, where something about a person's behaviour just grates on you... in my case, clearly, enough to write a three-and-a-half-minute pop song about it. I managed to write and record the whole thing from start to finish on my own in 48 hours, and it really opened the floodgates for a bunch of other music that followed. So in that sense, I owe this song (and the annoying people it's written about) a thank you... but I somehow doubt I'll be reaching out to let them know.”

Stream 'Really Don't Like You' below

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