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  • Alice Smith

Rock Band 'Sour Ops' Release Riff Laden New Single 'Night Magic'

Nashville rock band Sour Ops release their long-awaited new single, "Night Magic." With a distinctive blend of guitar-based sonic minimalism and a relaxed lyrical cynicism, Sour Ops brings forth a sound that effortlessly conjures the spirit of early American proto punk and the irresistible melodies of riff-oriented Power Pop. "Night Magic" exemplifies Sour Ops as prime exponents of both guitar pop and rock, drawing inspiration from iconic artists like the Stones, Bowie, and the Sex Pistols. The single showcases their musical prowess, capturing the essence of guitar-driven music in all its glory.

With a productive musical history, the band released a half-dozen singles in 2020 that provided riff-heavy thrills, with touches of Big Star-like folk-country amid the mighty riffs and well-designed sound that ‘Night Magic’ picks up on. The track's universal lyrical content delves into the magnetic attraction one feels toward another, despite the impending knowledge of an inevitable downturn.

With brothers Price and Mark Harrison on guitar and vocals, the various member’s musical journeys began in the early ‘80s, and fell into the scene surrounding Alex Chilton, Tav Falco and other Bluff City miscreants. However, Sour Ops comes at power pop-rock-glam from a slightly different angle. Their music is precise, but it’s got an edge. “I tend to see rock ‘n’ roll as a highly structured operation,” Price says about their sound. “Within these constraints you've got all these variables.”

With ‘Night Magic’, the guitar riffs and licks are in typical Sour Ops fashion. They draw inspiration from Memphis musicians like Big Star, The Scruffs and Tommy Hoehn, holding a firm grasp on the past while pushing boundaries toward an exciting musical future.

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