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Sú North Highlights Female Bay Area Musicians in Upcoming Single "Waves" 7/28

Credit: Yegor Lyashenko

Alternative hip hop/rap artist Sú North (previously known as Sharif Hassan) is back with his latest single, “Waves,” and its accompanying promo video, set for release on July 28th. The track, a balanced blend of lo-fi jazz, indie, and alt hip-hop, features the hypnotic harmonies of Jada Imani along with violin (Joylin), background vocals (Cheska Cruz), guitar (Brittany Heys), and the rest of the record produced by North. Sú North, known for his introspective and charismatic lyricism, tackles the turbulence that can come with healing. According to North, the track, “...tells the story of the challenge learning to love yourself brings, and the joy it brings taking that journey.”

Born and raised in Harlem, New York, Sú North delivers a unique alternative style that is deeply rooted in his knack for lyricism and lifelong interest in slam poetry. Now based in the Bay Area, Sú North embodies the definition of versatility and creativity. As a cinematographer and creative director, he brings a unique perspective to musicianship, understanding the importance of marrying visuals and sonics for a full artistic experience that is all his own. Similar artists include lausse the cat, The Sihouettes Project, Andre 3000, and Kendrick Lamar

When creating “Waves,” North tapped into his feelings following an intensive therapy session, something he is a strong advocate for. “This song was written to help myself and others embrace their ‘battle scars’ from all different walks of life,” he shares. Throughout its composition, North sought out female Bay Area musicians to highlight their talent in the underground community. Imani, whose own successful releases blend R & B, funk, hip-hop, and soul, is a voting member of the GRAMMYs Recording Academy. She shines throughout the track, her vocals soaring and complimenting North’s seamless transitions from singing to rapping himself.

North’s most recent release, “Yellow,” resonated deeply with listeners, having attracted over 62K organic plays on Spotify alone. “Waves” is a continuation of the story told. He shares, “Self love is not one emotion and my single before this shows the joy self love brings.” On this release, there is a stronger focus on not having the good without the bad. “You just learn to understand both sides of yourself, just like a surfer learns how to ride the waves of the ocean,” he shares.

Previous release “Feel” has done similarly impressive numbers, with over 69K plays on Spotify, giving Sú North a monthly average of 20K listeners on the streaming service (singles “Lunch Break”, “Youtruth,” and “On Me” have also broken over 15K listens). The music video for his track “44” has garnered 81K views.

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