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Salvatore Manalo unveils heartfelt, relaxing single ‘Dreaming’

Salvatore Manalo is a singer-songwriter and producer from Portland, Oregon. The emerging artist expertly blends honest storytelling with musical complexity to create a sound that is instantly recognisable.

Serving up smooth, jazzy melodies and silky vocals on 'Dreaming', the track will transport you back in time as it takes on the qualities of a 90s R&B slow jam, whilst still maintaining a contemporary feel. Salvatore Manalo showcases a soothing, soulful sound that is as dreamy as the title would suggest.

Salvatore Manalo shares, “I wanted to write something larger than life and ended up producing a large portion of this track in one day. I kept hearing the chorus in my head and decided to write about the dreamlike state of being with the people you care about. I sent over the track to my friend Matt Brewster to lay a proper bass track here in Portland, my buddy Trevor Lund who was on a cruise ship to put some brass on, and the talented Jenni Rudoph to do harmonies down in LA.”


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