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Sam Himself releases cinematic indie-rock sophomore album 'Never Let Me Go'

Sam Himself is a Swiss indie-rock artist who has delved into many alternative soundscapes, delivering a unique, rhythmic and intoxicating sound that has seen him travel far and wide. After the success of his stunning debut record 'Power Ballads' in 2021, he's wasted no time at all in creating a fresh body of work to begin 2023 in the biggest of ways in 'Never Let Me Go'.

Stream 'Never Let Me Go' here:

Full of addictive indie thrillers such as 'Mr. Rocknroll' and 'Golden Days', Sam once again finds pastures new within his already profound sonic direction. 'Heartlands' is the epic lead single from the album, and it's a signature dosage of Sam. Finding that sweet spot between The War On Drugs and My Morning Jacket, 'Heartlands' is a thumping 80s synth-rock anthem that continues to impress more upon each listen.

Sam's standalone vocals give him that one way freedom though, as his second record underpins his excellence in such an understated manner, which only adds to the offering. 'Never Let Me Go' highlights Sam's posy-punk side as well, and these 10 songs are sure to give you an album to love and treasure for the year ahead.

Watch the official video for 'Heartlands' here:


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