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SAPPHIRE drops her sonic voyage of empowerment and infectious pop in new EP 'Test Drive'

SAPPHIRE has quickly become one of the most exciting names in pop this year, and a voice for Gen Z. Despite her early beginnings in the online music world since the tender age of 7, it was the tumultuous experiences of 2022 that propelled SAPPHIRE into a new era of unapologetic self-expression.

The catalyst for this transformation? A wave of cyber-hate that became the impetus for SAPPHIRE's songwriting metamorphosis. Eschewing the shadows of negativity, SAPPHIRE channeled her creative energies into crafting an EP that defies convention, a sonic canvas housing five original pop songs, each pulsating with fast-paced dynamism and an uplifting spirit.

The genesis of this EP, as SAPPHIRE shares, sprouted from a place of emotional turmoil. "I was getting an insane amount of hate online... it killed me inside. I felt lost, hurt, and completely out of control," reflects SAPPHIRE, describing the darkness that ultimately fuelled her creative spark. Embracing unbridled creativity, SAPPHIRE found solace in the studio, relishing the freedom to experiment with diverse sounds and vibes.

At the heart of the EP stands the focus track 'wasting my time,' encapsulating SAPPHIRE's empowerment as a woman in the music realm. This punchy indie-pop track serves as a vessel for SAPPHIRE's remarkable vocal range, traversing from smoky directness to joyful pop hooks and ethereal whistle tones. The track's open and honest songwriting paints a relatable picture of self-discovery and growth.

The EP's repertoire extends with 'dangerously,' a bittersweet post-love narrative, and 'oxygen,' a quirky indie-pop piece unraveling the complexities of controlling relationships. SAPPHIRE's textured beats and poignant vocal performances render both tracks emotively stirring, resonating with listeners navigating the intricate web of love and self-discovery.

Throughout 'Test Drive,' themes of empowerment, self-awareness, and self-love resonate palpably, marking an exhilarating new chapter for SAPPHIRE. "The experience of writing this has felt like a test drive to me," she shares, encapsulating the essence of the EP's title—a symbolic spin into uncharted territories, exploring newfound musical horizons while embracing a journey of self-exploration and empowerment. Check it out now.

Stream 'test drive' in full here:

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