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Sarah Hickey unveils intimate single ‘River’

Praised for her intimate folk sound, Irish songwriter Sarah Hickey has received acclaim from the esteemed music press, steadily emerging as she unveils the sounds of her debut album. Able to capture distinctive folk soundscapes within her reflective atmospheres, each track so far has expanded on the ideas that came before, whilst maintaining a unique and appealing identity.

Sarah’s latest track ‘River’ is no different. Opening with ambient sounds of birds tweeting and windchimes softly swaying a raw piano accompaniment introduces us to Sarah’s reserved and beautiful vocal performance. Pulling back to allow for her to shine, the piano clears its melodies for warm chords, helping to provide a sense of poignance by quiet and emotive string arrangements. Without gaining any new instruments, the track seems to expand, wrapping around Sarah’s vocals, as if assuring her introspective decisions.

Sarah adds, “This song is about getting back to who you really are.”



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