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Sasha Chaa walks away from one-sided love on summery track "ABRACADABRA"

Bilingual North African musician Sasha Chaa drops upbeat and empowering track “ABRACADABRA,” where she vows to walk away from love that isn’t reciprocated.

Led by her playful yet sultry vocal lines, the summery, feel-good production boasts an intricately layered composition built on Amapiano (African drums), pianos and strings, with sleek R&B undertones peeking through.

With a self-confident message about not being taken for granted, as her sweet voice flits between English and French lyricism in her signature vibrant style, “ABRACADABRA,” gives off peak girl power vibes.

Speaking of the message behind the track, Sasha says, “The importance of not being taken for granted, and if did to not be afraid to cut ties, "Abracadabra" means "I speak, As I create" and telling someone I'm done and I'm gone, just like the magic saying, "ABRACADABRA" I truly disappear!”

After spending eight months in LA making music, returning to Montreal where her music career began in 2013 set Sasha off on a nostalgic, emotive journey through her past, planting the first seeds of what ultimately bloomed into "ABRACADABRA."

With plans to share more of relatable views on self-love, personal growth, relationships and life motto of “Just Be,” all packaged into an anthemic artistry, Sasha Chaa has exciting things in store for us, beginning with this latest magical offering.



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