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Saturn Boi Cousin Deeky unveils new single "Bio"

Following the release of his self-proclaimed debut EP “Saturn Boi” New Jersey native Cousin Deeky returns with new soulful R&B offering “Bio”.

Produced by Yousay, “Bio” is about the freedom of not knowing what you want in a relationship. “It's about healing, traveling, love, loss and understanding. It's about life.” Cousin Deeky explains. The lyrics are relatable and entice listeners to join him on his journey of self discovery.

His sound is out of this world. That’s probably the reason why the self-proclaimed Saturn Boi can often be found studying up on the universe in search of a part of himself he may have forgotten. Nevertheless, we are all just along for the ride while he uses music as a way to travel through the cosmos.

With no intentions of slowing down, Cousin Deeky is focused on forging a new lane for his musical ambitions as an alternative Hip-Hop/R&B artist, Using soulful imagery to help listeners rediscover parts of themselves they may have forgotten.

Listen to "Bio" here.

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