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Savannah Conley continues to impress with 'Not Where I'm Going'

Despite being on the circuit for a number of years, Nashville born Savannah Conley is still only 23, but wise beyond her years. Her ability to create emotional, heart-wrenching pop alongside her swooning and individualistic vocal has given her the platform to project her stories to an increasingly invested audience.

Amassing millions of streams and listeners on Spotify alone as well as attention from big hitters such as Rolling Stone, Savannah has certainly defined her sound quite quickly and stuck with it. Working with Grammy Award-winning producer Dave Cobb (Brandi Carlile, Jason Isbell, John Prine) on a number of tracks, it's clear that there is a vision and goal for her music.

The production for 'Not Where I'm Going' is beautifully arranged; strong, melodic piano lines carry the track, with Savannah's at first haunting vocal, with a mesmerising shake and tremor in her voice which is so real and cuts through the ears. It tells the tale of Savannah finding the will to commit, and going against a process that has always been routine and letting go. It's a powerful and moving ballad, depicting the notions a lot of us may face in our day to day. 'Not Where I'm Going' is one piece of Savannah's upcoming EP released in Autumn, and it's going to be a stunning record.

Savannah tells the story behind 'Not Where I'm Going':

‘Realising the things that are bad for you is hard. Making a commitment to put boundaries on those things is harder. Writing this song, I was in a place where my boundaries and personal commitment were being tested. Everything felt wrong, so It was so tempting to go back to old patterns where moderation was not in my vocabulary for anything. The vocal that you hear is the scratch vocal from the day we wrote it, which I think is so fitting for the song. Raw and honest.’

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