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Say So City release 5 track EP and Spanish-influenced single 'Your Danger'

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Denmark-based Say So City are back with their lead single from their EP ‘It’s On’. Your Danger is here and is a statement of what the band has sought to produce over the past six months.

Birk, one third of Say So City, spoke of its influences, “Your Danger is about a relationship where one person is being overprotective over the other. In our context, the guy to the girl.” When speaking about the Spanish influences throughout he continued, “The song just naturally turned out Spanish sounding to us, and we have never made anything in that language before, naturally, so we saw it as a fun little extra flare to add to the track's sound.”

Although the trio cite a change in style with this track - the raw elements that make fans love Say So City are still there. The stylistic choices with production, the way they form their lyrics and draw us in with their drops are still very much present within ‘Your Danger’ as well as throughout their new EP the track is featured on ‘It’s On’.

Say So City’s latest single and EP is out now and you can listen below.

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