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Scarlet Mill releases the captivating single ‘Driftwood’

Dutch alternative duo formed of Jennifer Moesker and Erik Verhoef Scarlet Mill have developed a reputation for their intricate storytelling abilities. Their first album ‘Chronicles’ was released in 2020, setting the scene for a 7-part murder ballad.

Teasing their upcoming second album comes ‘Driftwood’, one track within a fantastical journey, the track pens a poetic portrait of a love between a wandering sailor and his muse. Falling melodies in the keys, chugging bass and guitars and pounding drums set the scene for our narrative, laced with vocals that provide a heartfelt grasp of the lyricism. After slowly building throughout the track climaxes in an array of twinkling synths, roaring guitars and pure energy, capturing the emotion left by the vocals as the instrumental leads the audience out.

The duo reflect on the song, "We have crafted this song to unfold a pivotal part of the tale of two ‘drifting souls’, to be told in full on our upcoming second album. We voice the female protagonist’s perspective on the sailor’s misbehavior before he flees to Port Henry. Our dark synths and gloomy guitars lay the ominous, alt-rock, and somewhat wavy foundations for the female narration."



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