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Scott Helman Produces Raw Emotion In New Album 'Nonsuch Park (sa)'

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Having established himself as one of Canada's leading songwriters, Scott Helman has toured around the world with the likes of Shawn Mendes, Vance Joy and Tegan and Sara, and has collaborated with Alessia Cara, Blas Cantó and Hunter Hayes, so he isn't messing around when it comes to the grind of music.

The Toronto based artist is not afraid to tackle the touch subjects, from tracks such as 'Evergreen' which talks about climate change to 'Papa' where the narrative of the track and music video is looking at the feelings of losing his late grandfather, Alan.

The visuals show raw home footage of Scott and his grandfather, which show just how personal this music truly is to him. The name of the album comes from a park down the road where Scott's grandfather lived in Sutton, U.K and it's a tear-grabber for sure.

Speaking on the album, Scott says:

“It was here where we would walk and cackle at awful jokes, lean in for the stories, make peace with our busy lives and draw meaning from the lessons we had learned since our last visit,” says Scott. “If my past works have been displays of discovery, this work is a declaration – a declaration of love, meaning, questions and truth, and it is all dedicated to you, Papa. Thank you for helping me piece together the fragments of my life and giving me the space to do it.”

You can watch the music video to one of the tracks from the album below.

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