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Shahzad Releases Motivational New Single ‘Delicate’

Offstage, Shahzad is Amin Adibnazari. Onstage, he is a poet, a storyteller, and an artist.

He developed a love for poetry at a young age when a professor of English literature personally trained him in the composition and analysis of classic masterpieces.​The knowledge he gained from his studies enabled him to identify the parallel between poetry and hip-hop music.

Shahzad is now here with his new motivational single called ‘Delicate’ which is out now on all platforms.

Speaking out about the single he mentions,

“Delicate is a message to our younger selves, as well as others, encouraging them to ignore people's negative comments and perceptions of them and to take pride in what they do. The path to happiness is often filled with adversity, with many facing harsh criticism for doing what they love most. But after years of creating music and receiving negative judgment myself, I've learned that nothing can take away from the feeling I get when doing what I'm destined to do. I just wish I had learned that lesson sooner in life. That's the purpose behind Delicate”

Check out more music from Shahzad right here:

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