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Shamik's "Hope and Mirrors" EP: A Sonic Journey Through Reflection and Inspiration

Chicago-based producer Shamik just returned with a new EP titled "Hope and Mirrors". This highly anticipated collection of tracks is a reflection on the days when hope seems lost and a celebration of the days when hope drives us forward. With his unique Indian sample choices, Shamik has established himself as a diverse producer, and this EP takes us on a dark electronic journey in the world of sound. Inspired by the synthesisers of the 80s, boom-bap and Detroit hip-hop, Chicago footwork, and Kannada cinema, Shamik brings a fresh perspective to the electronic music scene.

Based in Chicago, he is not only a producer but also a skilled sound artist whose Indian electronic productions have been featured on VH1 India, Rolling Stone India, and even Chanin Nicholas' astrology playlists. "Hope and Mirrors" serves as a captivating follow-up to CI3, the third volume of his Channeling India series.

This EP delves into the dichotomy of hope and reflection. Each track takes the listener on a sonic journey that encapsulates the contrasting emotions associated with these concepts. Through his intricate production techniques and carefully curated soundscapes, Shamik creates an immersive experience that resonates with listeners.

Listen to "Hope And Mirrors" below:

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