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  • Alice Smith

Shane Rennison Shares Indie Pop/Rock Vibes with "What You Need To Know"

Get ready to groove to the soulful beats of singer-songwriter Shane Rennison as he unveils his latest indie pop/rock anthem, "What You Need To Know"’.

Released ahead of his upcoming album 'IRRATIONAL', "What You Need To Know" is a vibrant fusion of heartfelt lyrics and infectious rhythms that'll have you hitting repeat all summer long. Produced by the talented Julian Giaimo and written on the acoustic guitar by Shane himself, the track pays homage to its roots while delivering a powerful message of growth and self-discovery.

Drawing inspiration from real-life encounters, Rennison sheds light on the inspiration behind the track, sharing, "It's about telling someone what they need to know in order to grow emotionally and avoid the pitfalls of being self-absorbed long-term." With its upbeat energy and catchy hooks, "What You Need To Know" is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

"What You Need To Know" leads the way for Shane Rennison's upcoming album, ‘IRRATIONAL’, set to release in June and promises a diverse array of tracks that speak to the soul and uplift the spirit. From indie pop gems to soul-stirring ballads, Shane Rennison sure got us covered.



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