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Shaz gets personal on her new R&B track, ‘Need A Little’

Boasting production from ksxingh, Shaz’s soulful sound and raw lyrics shine through over shimmering guitar riffs and trap beats on her new track ‘Need A Little’. With mind-blowing, sugar-sweet vocal runs, ‘Need A Little’ is sure to be on heavy rotation in your R&B playlist.

Talking about the new release, Shaz shares: “One afternoon last January, I just heard this amazing melody in my head, and from there, the words came free-flowing and non-stop, it took me 10 minutes to finish the song!”

It’s no surprise that Shaz has been rising through the musical ranks so quickly with support from Kiss FM and BBC Radio 1; her signature soulful sound in combination with Kxsingh’s air-tight production makes for a truly unforgettable track.

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