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Shyler shares new single & video for "180"

Jolting 2021 into ignition, Shyler is starting the year right with his snarling new single ‘180’.

A clockwork percussion electrified by his cutting lyrics, Shyler’s vivacity is unmatched on the track, the intensity of the tempo akin to that of the artist himself. The thumping beat and exquisite production are never amiss in his discography, however the dial has truly been set to 180 for his newest offering.

Explaining the meaning behind the single, Shyler says, ‘This song is about going fast. When all of the recording artists were forced to rethink our touring and travel plans I felt like the world was trying to slow us down. This song is an expression of that. I also feel that I wrote this track to express how fast the cycle of existence can go. Your life can begin in one moment and end in seconds really…’

After bursting onto the scene in 2017, Shyler saw his streams soar past the one million mark with his entirely self-produced track ‘Screaming Inside’, and his unique brand of trap rock has him at the forefront of the flock. Using his artistry to express himself, his dynamic personality bursts through his music, and his fresh flair shows no surprise as to why his mass army of fans keeps growing by the day.

Watch the video for "180" here:



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