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  • Paul Riley

Sid Dorey’s “Drama in Doses” EP - A Raw and Resonant Debut

In the saturated landscape of indie pop, it’s rare to stumble upon an artist whose work cuts through the noise with unapologetic honesty and emotional depth. Sid Dorey’s debut EP, "Drama in Doses," achieves just that, delivering a potent mix of raw emotion and insightful storytelling that firmly establishes them as a compelling new voice in the genre.

From the first note of the title track, "Drama in Doses," it’s clear that Dorey is here to share more than just music; they’re offering a piece of their soul. This opening track sets the tone for the EP, encapsulating the essence of Dorey’s journey through life's tumultuous phases with a blend of poignant lyrics and stirring melodies. The song serves as a heartfelt reminder of resilience and the grace needed to navigate personal upheavals.

Raised in Florida and now based in Nashville, Dorey’s background in musical theatre is evident in their expressive delivery and theatrical flair. Each track on the EP is infused with a sense of drama and vulnerability that makes the listener feel every beat of Dorey’s heart. The EP covers heavy themes like heartbreak, self-destructive behavior, and various forms of trauma, both personal and familial. These are not just songs; they are narratives that invite the listener into Dorey’s world, offering a sense of shared experience and solidarity.

The production throughout "Drama in Doses" is polished yet retains an organic feel, allowing Dorey’s voice and storytelling to take centre stage. The arrangements are thoughtfully crafted, with each song offering a unique soundscape that complements its emotional tone. Whether it’s the haunting simplicity of an acoustic guitar or the layered textures of synths and beats, the EP maintains a cohesive sound that is distinctly Sid Dorey.



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